20 Fun Ways to Eat Pretzels So You'll Never Get Bored Snacking

Pretzels just might be one of the most versatile snacks out there. Whether they’re the main event or merely the vessel for some other food to get from the bowl to your mouth, there are so many ways to eat pretzels, none of which disappoint. You can munch on them by the handful, scoop them into dips for added protein, dust them in seasonings, throw them in a mix, or even coat them in confections (viola—dessert!). 

One of the reasons pretzels go with everything is that the saltiness of a pretzel can actually help bring out the flavor of whatever you're eating. That's because the chemical properties of salt enable our taste receptors to pick up on subtler flavors. Surprisingly, it even amplifies sweetness and diminishes bitterness in foods, making it a remarkably handy seasoning, even for non-savory snacks. 

The crunchiness of a pretzel also provides added texture to foods that are soft or creamy, and the sound could even help you consume less and feel more sated, according to research that finds we eat less food when we can hear that satisfying crunch. 

Because most pretzels come in twist or stick format, it’s best to pair them with a sauce that will adhere to the surface area—nothing too slippery or watery. Other than that, there really are no guidelines. Once you've discovered that a little something salty tastes good with almost anything, the possibilities are endless.

pretzel bark with jam

Head to @sailor_bailey for this awesome "freezer fudge" recipe! 

We've made a roundup of some ingenious ways to snack on our new grain and gluten free pretzels. Here are our favorite ways to eat this snack—and eat it and eat it—with a few extra twists thrown in!

FitJoy Gluten Free Pretzels


20 Fun Ways to Snack on Pretzels 

1. Dip them in hummus

This has become the ultimate pretzel pairing—and for good reason. The salty crunch of the pretzel mixed with the nutritious earthiness of the dip is always a safe snacking bet if you’re trying to be healthy and get in some protein without any sugar. 

pretzels, hummus and wraps

Photo by @fitandwellmedgal

Want to get outside of the box? Hummus isn't the only beany dip, even though it's the most common. Try this yummy white bean dip for variety. 

2. Make trail mix 

The great thing about pretzels is that you can throw them in a bag with anything to make a filling, tasty snack. Your favorite nuts, a few chocolate chips or M&Ms, and some dried fruit make for an easy and inexhaustible formula. 

3. Add them to your favorite cookie...trust us.

Don’t just make a cookie...make a really good cookie. Top your chocolate chip, caramel, or oatmeal raisin cookie with a single pretzel for an instant sweet and salty fix.

pretzel cookie

Head to @kalememaybe for the recipe! 

4. Dip them in mustard dip  

There are so many mustard dips out there, it's hard to choose just one! This gourmet Raspberry Honey Mustard dip is insanely delicious to eat with pretzels, and is equally so when used as a glaze for pretzel-crusted chicken. Our mouths are watering! 

5. Dip them in guac

Guacamole usually gets served with tortilla chips, so why not mix it up?  

6. Throw them in a cereal snack mix

Depart from your boring old rice cereal mix and throw in some fruity cereal for a delightfully crunchy and fun snack with pops of flavor. 

7. Frost them with yogurt

Not only are yogurt-covered pretzels delicious, but you can make them yourself easily, controlling the amount of sugar that is added so you can make this snack as sweet or as healthy as desired.  

8. Make cheese ball bites

This is honestly genius if you’re tired of your average cheese + cracker board. For an appetizer that will have a little more of that homemade wow effect, try a cheese ball covered in pretzel bits and nuts, drizzled with this praline mustard glaze or some fig jam. 

9. Dip them in chocolate

If you didn't think of this yourself, we're disappointed in you! 

chocolate pretzels

Head to @confessionofadietitian for this recipe!

...or caramel 

If you're one of a certain cult following, when you get a soft pretzel at the mall, you might ask for a packet of caramel to dip it in. But have you ever tried this combo with regular pretzels? It's good! Or you could make this gorgeous recipe by @vibrantandpure that uses rosewater, tahini, and caramel:

rosewater caramel chocolate pretzels

...or Nutella 

Dip anything in Nutella. But especially pretzels. You’ll thank us. 

10. Dip them in spicy tzatziki sauce 

We haven't tried this one yet, but by golly, we're going to. 

11. Make nuts and bolts

Because every party needs something unpretentious and un-messy that people can graze on while they drink. Our grain-free pretzels are gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, soy-free, non-GMO, and plant-based, so no matter whom you're serving, everyone can partake. 

12. Dip them in peanut butter

Two things to always keep in your pantry for when you run out of food: 1) pretzels and 2) peanut butter. If that’s all you have at home, you’ll NEVER be without a satisfying snack. 

If you want the fancy version of this classic, try this almond nut butter pretzel recipe. 

almond butter pretzels

Head to @confessionofadietitian to get this recipe! 

13. Caramel pretzel nut popcorn

If you’re into mindlessly grazing while you watch movies (guilty!), graze on something that’s dang delicious. This caramel pretzel nut popcorn hits all the textures and flavors you could want, with the benefit of some added protein. 

14. Dip them in crab dip 

Have you ever made hot crab dip? If not, it should go to the top of your list of party appetizers. It combines that yummy umami flavor with a comforting creaminess, and the crunch of the pretzels will really add a lot. Be sure to mix the dip super well so the pretzels can pick up the pieces of crab. 

15. Pretzel bark, anyone?

If you’ve been in a grocery checkout lane recently, you might have realized that pretzel bark is all the rage right now. Make your own using melted chocolate and your preferred sweetener, and make it peppermint during the holidays.

pretzel bark

Pretzel bark recipe by @dieteticaesthetic.

16. Dip them in spinach artichoke dip

Spinach artichoke dip is melty, cheesy and (bonus) contains vegetables. A classic for football games. 

17. Dunk them in French onion dip

Somewhere along the way, we’ve lost sight of how amazing French onion dip is. Let's bring it back but eat it with grain-free pretzels instead of those greasy potato chips. 

18. With beer cheese

Beer? Cheese? Best combo ever. If you haven’t tried beer cheese yet, you are doing yourself a disservice. It’s best served with pretzels, celery, carrots, and you guessed it—beer. 

If you're gluten-free, you may not be fond of drinking gluten-free brews. But you might like them better in a spicy beer cheese recipe. Add our grain-free pretzels and you'll be all set. 

19. With corn dip

We don't use any corn in our pretzels—no corn starch, corn oil, corn syrup, nothing. But that doesn't mean you can't enjoy our pretzels with a hot corn dip made from fresh corn!

20. Make hot and spicy Cajun mix 

It's easy to whip up a hot and crunchy Cajun snack mix using a storebought Cajun seasoning or several ingredients you might already have in your pantry. Mix with melted butter and toss in your pretzels, nuts, cereals or other ingredients, then just throw it in the oven! 

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