How to Stay Healthy During the Holidays, According to Influencers

If you're reading this post, you’re probably well aware of all the impediments there are to staying fit during the holidays—we don’t even need to list them! So how do you avoid these traps if you want to keep off the extra pounds this season? A handful of our favorite influencers told us their advice. For them, it’s all about the mindset. 

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My health/fitness tip for the holidays is just to plan! If I know I'm having a large lunch or I will be eating certain types of foods (so many carbs this time of year!!) then I'll plan my other meals around that and bump up my cardio. Another tip is to make a few of your own dishes to bring along to family gatherings! I like to do this so I can fill my plate with healthier things too.” 



“I take the foods I love and make them healthy and try to remember this is a lifestyle change, not a diet.” 


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“I’m not one to deny my cravings, so I definitely have my cake and eat it, too! What I focus on are smaller portions. I also try to eat a healthy meal or snack before an event to help curb my appetite, and to avoid overeating high-calorie foods."



“I maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle by staying consistent and organized! Consistency is key and I love to plan, so by being organized, I find that maintaining this is much easier. It has truly become my lifestyle.”



“With the holiday season in full swing, it can be tough to stay on top of your workouts...I try to take at least 45 minutes indoors or out to get my exercise in. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Remember to have a beer and enjoy some good food along the way. However, health and fitness are important, so do your best to stay in it even if it’s a short circuit. 30 minutes is better than 0 minutes.” 


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  1. Don’t stress!!!
  2. Stay active!
  3. Don’t skip meals—it will only make you hangry and will set you up for a binge.
  4. Moderation! A few cookies will not be the end of the world.
  5. Remember it’s not just about the food. Spend time with family and friends!
  6. Put away the scale! No good will come from it.
  7. It’s the holidays! A few weeks out of the year. Enjoy yourself and know it’s ok to indulge a bit.



"This time of year is all about balanceit’s filled with lots of get-togethers, parties, cookies, treats, and drinking. I’m all about enjoying yourself and not being too restrictive, but not forgetting what I’ve worked for during the year. If I know I have an event in the evening, I’ll make sure to fill up on lots of veggies and lean protein during the day. It keeps me feeling my best and leaves room for some fun things in the evening."



"Balanceduring the holidays there’s obviously temptation, so I make sure I don’t restrict myself or I’ll go crazy and overeat. Everything in moderation is key and life is too short to not eat the cookies."



More holiday health tips:

Here we come a-wassailing

Live (super) close to family or friends? Opt for a progressive holiday meal! Appetizers and drinks at their house, dinner at your house, and add another link in the chain for everyone else in the party who lives nearby (dessert at Pete’s!). Walking to and fro' will not only feel merry, but it will also weave some exercise into your meals and allow you the 20 minutes required to gauge how full you actually are, so you won’t eat more than you need to feel content—unless, of course, that is your design!

Here we come a-watering

Punch, eggnog, hot chocolate...There are SO many festive drinks to imbibe over the holidays! But don’t forget to drink water. It’s refreshing, important in aiding digestion, and of course, calorie-free. Spruce it up with a fancy goblet and some mint or pomegranate seeds frozen into ice cubes.

Here we come a-strategic snacking

Pack strategic snacks, like our bars, on your carryon. They’ll help keep you healthfully satisfied AND save you from spending $11 dollars on a bag of beef jerky at your terminal. Plus, unlike with apples or crackers, you won’t risk waking up the Santa sitting next to you with the sound of your crunching.

#JoyForward and happy holidays! 

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