Best Healthy Snack Choices for Our Favorite Summer Movies

Kelsey Thompson | July 16


Sweet summertime has finally arrived my friends! Sure, summertime means long pool days and soaking in all the sun you can get, but let’s face it- with no school, you and the family will be watching lots of movies as well. And nothing goes better with a good movie night than a mouthwatering snack to satisfy those taste buds while you relax.

With an endless selection of movies out there it can be hard to settle on which one to pick. From new movies to the good ole classics- there are so many options!!

Here is a collection of summertime movies you cannot beat, paired with a yummy, healthy snack. Whether you are watching them from a vacation hotel or your humble home, these delightful snacks will leave you and the family reaching for more during your cozy movie night in.

Independence Day (1996)

Aliens are coming and it is up to America to save earth. The perfect patriotic movie to add to your July watch list! I promise you will not regret it.

Keep the festive vibes flowing by pairing this movie with some Guacamole and pretzels! The perfect healthy alternative to tortilla chips…and just as satisfying.

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982)

It is a classic that everyone will love. E.T. is the perfect summer movie for the family to enjoy. Pair it with some pretzels and hummus and you have yourself the ultimate night in.

 Like peanut butter and jelly- you can never go wrong with this pairing. Packed with vitamins and protein, hummus comes in a wide variety of flavors and is a delicious spread. Dip grain-free pretzels in it and you have yourself a yummy but healthy snack.

Dirty Dancing (1987)

The classic summer romance movie of all time, the heartwarming Dirty Dancing will leave you wanting to dance the night away. It is the perfect option for when the kids are away at summer camp.

Looking for a mouthwatering snack to pair it with? Jazz the movie up by creating a fancy charcuterie board. Pair our grain-free pretzels with your favorite selections of meats and cheeses. Add in some kosher dill pickles and a fig spread to sweeten it up. This is the perfect choice for a laid-back fancy night in.  

Indiana Jones

Adventures and thrill-seeking, Indiana Jones is the ultimate archaeologist the movie universe has ever seen. With a total of five movies in the series, this is the prime pick for a summer binge watch. Filled with action and adventure, the family will be tuned in from start to finish.

A fiery movie series needs to be paired with something just as bold to set those taste buds on fire. Buffalo dip is just the choice to keep your mouth watering. Pair it with our grain-free pretzels and you have a healthy alternative to the average potato chips.

Grease (1978)

Ladies, this one is for you. Good girl meets bad boy and they fall madly in love. A whirl wind summer romance that will for sure keep your heart warm on a summer night.

Naturally low in calories and a good source of heart-healthy fiber, cacao nibs taste very similar to unsweetened chocolate! Dip the pretzels in Greek yogurt and sprinkle some cacao nib on top to form a yummy chocolate snack. Girls night in is complete.

Moana (2016)

Great for the kids but also, I must say, great for adults if you ever want a feel-good movie. We all know there is nothing better than a day filled with the sand between your toes, sunkissed skin and topping it off with an ice cold treat.

To really make this movie hit home, enjoy the sounds of Moana while snacking on some yummy and sweet ice cream! Although it may sound strange, a great alternative to ice cream is coconut milk-based ice cream! Throw some pretzel crumbs, cacao nibs, and maybe even some strawberries on top and you have yourself a healthy ice cream sundae. 😊



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