15 Inspiring Women to Follow

We think you should meet these women.

Over the course of several months, we featured them on FitJoy's #WomenWhoJoy Instagram series, asking them to share the things that bring them joy. This is a badass bunch made up of entrepreneurs, creatives, hip sisters, fit mamas, and adventure seekers, guaranteed to brighten your feed. We highly recommend you give them a follow, each and every one.

What brings US joy? Giving back to others! Learn more about our Joy Forward initiative here 

1. @FitWith_Kate

Kate Jensen is a twenty-something health- and fitness-loving Austinite.

“I’m so grateful to be able to combine my passion for fitness and marketing at my real, adult job and for fun on social media. Just trying to live my best, balanced life and have fun along the way!”

What brings her joy:

“Doing good things for my body and sharing it with people! From healthy foods to exercise to my fav forms of self-care. Also, matcha. Some homemade matcha always brings me joy!”



2. @pegactive

Pegah Olfat is the CEO of Pegactive: Fitness & Faith, living in the Bay Area, CA.

What joy means to her:

“Having quality time with my favorite people. Whether it's a phone conversation, FaceTime call or in person, QT with those I love always gives me so much joy!”


3. @molly_onthemove

Molly, a blogger and PR professional living in Dallas, started her blog “as a way to be a positive light to others and loves encouraging people to celebrate life’s little pleasures and biggest adventures.”

What brings her joy:

“Spreading joy to others! I’m incredibly thankful for the opportunity to reach so many others through my platform, and it’s so motivating knowing that what I post or write can change someone’s outlook.”



4. @fit_pham 

Chi Pham is a senior product designer by day, and trail-hiking, pie-eating, fitness and wellness-loving enthusiast by all other times, based in Denver, CO.

What joy means to Chi:

“Being outdoors and sharing those beautiful moments with folks I love. I am ALWAYS down for a hike, trail run, climbing trip, or camping—any excuse to get outside!”



5. @abentpieceofwire 

Sacramento fashion blogger Justina Sharp shares about her sunny California lifestyle as she sets out to eat everything and finish her bachelor's degree.

What brings her joy:

“Pursuing what makes you feel happy—even if it's nontraditional. Whether it's a trip, a job, or even just a new eyeshadow, investing in yourself is never a bad deal.”



6. @chubbystruggles 

Alex Sundstrom, plus-size influencer and freelance copywriter living in Houston, TX, says, “Joy to me is living colorfully, both literally and figuratively. I try every day to learn something new, make bold choices, and laugh a lot!”



7. @koelthomae

Koel Thomae is the co-founder of noosa yoghurt. What brings her joy is “being active, in nature, with people who make me smile! I’m so lucky to call Colorado home—with the foothills of the Rocky Mountains literally in my backyard, I have amazing access to the outdoors and it makes it much easier to achieve work/life balance. I’m in my mid-forties and love challenging my mind and body to be stronger than ever.”


 8. @iamashleydunn

Ashley Dunn is many things: entrepreneur; TV personality; fashion stylist, influencer, and journalist; philanthropist; proud feminist; and creator of the annual Women In Style Empowerment Brunch benefiting underprivileged women and girls.

“Spending time with my family and friends, working in my dream career and helping women and girls find their purpose all bring me joy.”


Lauren keblan lekfit

9. @lekfit

Lauren Keblan is a celebrity trainer and former professional dancer, as well as the owner and creator of the dance-inspired fitness method, LEKfit.

From Lauren:

“Hanging with my husband and kids, getting sweaty with the LEKfit crew and witnessing both online clients and in-studio LA clients connect brings me joy.”


10. @kristen_cook

Kristen Cook is FitJoy’s senior art director, designer, Syracuse basketball fan and resident margarita connoisseur.

What brings her joy?

“Having a balance to my life. I love hiking, getting in the water, and finding new ways to be active in Austin, but I also love to exercise my artistic side through painting or redecorating my apartment.”


11 and 12. @hannacdavis and @davismolly16

These are the sisters behind BANGS shoes. Hannah says, “I am the founder of BANGS Shoes living in Austin Texas! I love yoga, my family, the BANGS Shoes community, my plants, and learning.”

What joy means to her:

“My family, BANGS, and yoga are my recipe for joy. I'm lucky I get to work with my sister here in beautiful Austin! Our working and sister relationship is constantly evolving, and I can't imagine life without her! The yoga community here has also become a big part of my life and helps keep me grounded (aka sane).”

What brings Molly joy:

“Getting to work with and learn from my sister every day. No matter what the ups and (very few downs) are, being sisters comes first. From bike rides to late night work hangs with 8,034,058 m&ms, having a sister is the most joy I can ever imagine.”


atxfitfoodie photo

13. @atxfitfoodie

Sara K is a full-time-working single mom to a child with autism spectrum disorder. She manages a food and life account based out of Austin, TX, promoting health and wellness for mind, body and spirit—with a side of mom puns. 

What brings her joy?

"The 3 'F's'—family, food and friends. After struggling with body image issues in college and surviving abusive and isolating relationships, I've made it my focus to find balance across all areas of life and encourage others to practice self-love and acceptance." 


14. @officialcarrielane

Carrie Lane is a singer, model, wellness & lifestyle blogger, and Type 1 diabetic.

“Things that bring me joy: road trips, dancing, fireworks, petting every dog I see, and spending time with my friends and family.” 


15. @meagankong

Professional dancer Meagan Kong uses her life experience to share how she maintains a consistently fit and fruitful lifestyle via social media and her blog.

“Whether it’s a meal, a place, or an adventure, experiencing something new with the people I love brings me joy.”



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