When you shop at the grocery store, have you ever noticed some foods with a “gluten-free” label? If you usually pass right by those options, you may want to consider picking them up. There are many health benefits associated with gluten-free foods. Here are some reasons that may encourage to you pick up that gluten free product next time to get the general health benefits of a gluten free diet.


What is gluten?

Gluten is a family of proteins found in grains, including wheat, rye, spelt, and barley. When flour mixes with water, the gluten proteins form a sticky network that has a glue-like consistency. Gluten is found in bread, pasta, dough, soy sauce, deli meats, cheeses, fried foods, candy, and even alcohol. People with celiac disease and wheat allergies can’t have gluten, because of medical reasons. However, even if you don’t have these conditions, going gluten-free has some major health benefits.


Lower Inflammation + Less Bloating

Gluten consumption can heighten joint pains. Those who are medically sensitive to gluten could experience this. Even those who have non-celiac gluten sensitivities may experience swollen joints and pains after eating gluten. No gluten = no inflammation. Those with gluten intolerance can experience excess gas and bloating after eating foods with gluten. Getting rid of the gluten eliminates the digestive stress, causing your stomach to be flatter after your meal. 


Less Empty Calories + More Energy

Gluten is found in items that tend to have empty calories or calories that are being consumed without much nutritional value. For example, bread made from wheat is not considered to be the most nutrient-dense food. That’s why many foods with gluten are largely cut out from Keto and Paleo diets. Consuming products with gluten, could damage the intestines of those who are sensitive to it. This impairs the ability of your body to absorb several nutrients including iron. Iron deficiency leads to anemia which results in fatigue. Removing gluten allows these nutrients to be absorbed leading to more energy.


Weight Loss

By eliminating foods with empty calories like bread, pasta, and dough your body will have more room for foods like Fruits, Vegetables, Beans, Eggs, and lean meats. Cutting out the empty calories and filling your body with nutrient-rich calories will make you fuller longer which means your snacking cravings will decrease. It will also give you more energy, so you’re motivated to work out.

Eating clean + exercise = weightloss

So, next time you take a trip to the grocery store, think about this article, and consider picking up something that is gluten-free.




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