S’mores Ice Cream Cups⁠

Nothing is better than a S'more.  But have you ever had a frozen S'more cup?  Our friend at Holly's Nutrition developed the tastiest recipe for S'more Ice Cream Cups that we can't get enough of!  

Check out the recipe below & enjoy!

For the crust (1st layer):⁠
1/2 cup of FitJoy Gluten Free Pretzels
1 tbsp melted butter (coconut oil works too)⁠

Pulverize the pretzels in a food processor then add the melted butter and pulse until the butter is fully incorporated.⁠

Fill a pan or muffin tin with about 2-3 tbsp of the crust and press firmly down to form the crust (makes 5-6 muffin crusts).⁠
Place in the freezer for 5-10 minutes to set.⁠

Vanilla or marshmallow flavored ice cream of choice ( I used @nadamoo but I also love @coconutbliss and @so_delicious )⁠
about 2/3 cup needed⁠
Let the ice cream sit out for a few minutes to soften. Once it is soft scoop enough ice cream to spread over the crust.⁠
Place in the freezer while you melt the chocolate⁠

Top Layer⁠
3 oz (1 bar of chocolate)⁠
I used 4 @jojoschocolatebark⁠
2 tsp coconut oil⁠

Melt the chocolate and oil together and pour over the tops of the ice cream covering the top fully.⁠
Place in the freezer and enjoy!⁠

For the middle you could also use @tooniemoonie marshmallow fluff to make it more like a s’more!"⁠

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