Giving Joy: Donating FitJoy to Hungry Kids Around The Country

One in five children in the United States is not getting the nutrition they need to grow healthy and strong. Hunger and uncertainty about their next meal prevent them from enjoying their childhood to the fullest.

That’s why FitJoy has partnered with organizations around the country to donate bars to help feed the more than 16 million kids around the country that struggle with hunger every day.

"The summer months are a critical time to get healthy foods into the hands of those who rely on school breakfast and lunch programs. The GiveJoy Initiative was established for this very reason. To fight hunger, support those in need, particularly disadvantaged youth, and partner with local establishments to help administer," said Doss Cunningham, FitJoy's CEO.

This July, FitJoy surpassed the 1 million bar mark with a donation of 950,000 bars to the Atlanta Community Food Bank and Food Donation Connection for distribution both in the greater Atlanta area and around the country. To date, FitJoy has donated more than 1.5 million bars in 2017 alone!

“We are ecstatic to have surpassed the 1 million mark donated this year, and know these bars will go a long way toward feeding children that don’t have access to adequate food," said Kyron Green, Community Impact Manager at FitJoy.

(Pictured above: Kyron Green, FitJoy Community Impact Manager)

"The support from the Atlanta Community Bank is vital in our donation efforts. Their reach is broad, impact immediate, and results empowering. And this is just the beginning," said Cunningham.

Check out the photos from this amazing event. Read the full news release here

Join us in our Summer of Joy!

With every bar you purchase, FitJoy will donate a bar to a child in need. 

The FitJoy Team

Our team likes to stay in the know and ahead of the game when it comes to eating, exercise, and wellness in general! We take the latest buzz in the nutrition world and make it easily translatable for your own life.

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