FitJoy reimagined: Everything you need to know about our new bars

More than a rebrand, this is brand. spanking. new. 

Maybe you've noticed: we've changed a few things. It's a fresh, new year and we're excited to announce a reimagined FitJoy that's better than ever. Read on to find out the New Year's resolutions we've already made good on: 

Improved taste and texture. 

We like to eat our bars. We like to eat them every day. That's why when it comes to how they taste, we're perfectionists. So we've been working hard to make the bars you/we love even better. They're softer and fluffier, but still have that nice, mouthwatering chew. You'll notice a better taste and mouthfeel, too. 

Here are some specific changes we made:

FitJoy Chocolate Peanut Butter protein bar new rebrand

Our Chocolate Peanut Butter bar is more peanut-buttery now (you're welcome!). It has a buttery, doughy peanut butter layer, with a rich sliver of melt-in-your-mouth chocolate glaze on the bottom and crunchy peanuts on top. With a more gourmet flavor, it tastes like it came from behind the glass at your local fudge shop. 

Our Grandma's Lemon Square bar tastes more homemade than ever. It's a fluffier, zestier citrus layer with specks of premium ingredients you can see, like ground almonds. Its color and taste will stay fresher longer (and as always, without artificial colors or preservatives). 

Our Cookies and Cream bar now has a fluffy cream layer sandwiched between a fudgy chocolate layer and chocolate glaze. To top it off, we added a sweet, creamy drizzle. 

new FitJoy Cookies and Cream protein bar rebrand

Fewer ingredients. 

We reformulated our bars to have simplified ingredients statements, where possible. Our Chocolate Peanut Butter bar, for instance, has way fewer ingredients, because we know you like to understand exactly what's in your food. 

We also slashed ingredients like dextrose, corn-based isomalto-oligosaccharides, grain maltodextrin, and rice flour from all of our bars!

Kosher certified! 

We're always trying to meet the lifestyle and dietary needs of more people. We're thrilled to announce that all FitJoy protein bars are now certified kosher. 

new FitJoy rebrand Cookie Dough Brownie protein bar

Allergen changes. 

As we improve our bars, we want them to be healthier and better tasting. Sometimes, however, that involves swapping out certain ingredients. We hope those with allergies will take note that Chocolate Peanut Butter flavor now contains tree nuts (almonds) and sesame, while Grandma's Lemon Square now contains tree nuts (almonds). 

New look. 

Our marketing director, Kelsey, says, "You'll notice a fresh new look to our 20-gram protein bars. We recently reformulated so that our recipe has fewer ingredients, better nutritionals, and even better taste. So we wanted some fresh, energized packaging that would reflect those improvements, while still maintaining the sense of joy around our brand." 

We think it looks pretty dope. 

new FitJoy rebrand Grandma's Lemon Square protein bar

Net carbs. 

We're proud of our net carbs. We now list them on the front of our packaging, to make it easier for you when you're calculating your carbs. 

Get ready to be obsessed. 

Shop our new bars here

Want to try out all the wonders of these new bars before you commit to a full box? Shop our trial pack to get 4 fun-size bars (one of each flavor) and a discount code, for free! Just pay the shipping. 

Once you taste our reformulated bars, we're fairly certain you'll be hooked. 



The FitJoy Team

Our team likes to stay in the know and ahead of the game when it comes to eating, exercise, and wellness in general! We take the latest buzz in the nutrition world and make it easily translatable for your own life.

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