4 Ways My Fitness Passion Actually Improved My Career and My Life

When my alarm goes off at 4:05am, sometimes I think I’m going to the airport for an early morning flight. In my perfect world, the destination would be a warm, tropical location, with little service and plenty of mint mojitos. But quickly I realize I need to account for my mouth guard, headgear, hand wraps, and boxing gloves. My coach wanted me at my actual destination at 5am- the boxing gym.

Oh, so I’m not going to a sun-drenched island in order to work on my perpetual tan. I’m actually trading punches with my teammates who've become my friends. So many people ask me why I picked what others may consider a brutal sport...There are so many answers to that question. But one that sticks out...

It teaches me discipline

The discipline that boxing instills in not just my physical work out, but every other aspect of my life. While I would love to spend my entire day boxing and getting some killer abs, my career does come before anything else.

Boxing helped me become a better professional by keeping my time management skills in check. As someone who isn’t getting paid to throw punches, it’s vital I succeed at my normal job. In order to justify spending so much time in the gym, I have to complete all necessary tasks before I even consider stepping foot in the ring.

It teaches me self-control

Outside the ring, and inside the kitchen is where I find some of my deepest struggles. I like to consider myself a “foodie” and I have absolutely no problem bragging about a time I once ate 8 cupcakes in a sitting. But when my weight is a major factor in my performance and whether or not I’ll be allowed to fight, my love for sugar and carbs must be silenced in order to make better eating decisions. I once lived for giant bowls of ice cream on the weekends, and now I look forward to my mid-morning snack that consists of 2 plain rice cakes and peanut butter.

4 Ways My Fitness Passion Actually Improved My Career and My Life

It helps me deal with the unexpected

Boxing is a solo endeavor, but I truly believe it makes me a better friend and professional because of the multiple demands it places on me. Jumping into the ring requires a plan and several weeks if not months of training, but also understanding that some punches won’t land, and countering and pivoting are necessary to succeed. I need to go into meetings with senior leadership with a specific plan while also being capable of answering unexpected questions the way I counter unexpected punches.

It brings me joy

My lifestyle sounds super regimented but in fact it has brought me more joy than anything else. Knowing I found a true fitness passion that drives me outside of my comfort zone inside and out of the ring makes the early the mornings much easier to handle. I count down the days until my next bout, while considering every deadline I must hit within my training regimen, my career and the rest of my life. My best days always outweigh my worst days, and even my worst days bring out the best in me.

How do you find your fitness passion?

Some people ask me how I do it, or how they can find a new hobby or passion like mine, and I just tell them that they need to feel emotions that they never knew existed. Whether it’s yoga, boxing, or any other type of physical activity, if it brings joy to your life, then do it. Fitness is supposed to be challenging, but enjoyable all at the same time. When you strike that balance, then you have something special.


I’m Samantha, a California native who graduated from the College of the Holy Cross in 2010. I currently call Boston home and I’m an Experiential Marketing Manager, amateur boxer, and freelance writer. I’m a self-proclaimed foodie unless I’m training for a fight. I welcome any opportunity to explore a new place in the world or new adventure. You can check out more of my work on Elite Daily, Pattiknows.com, and Thought Catalogue.

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Samantha Surface

Samantha Surface is a marketing professional, writer, and amateur boxer in Boston.

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