Fueling Your Goals Beyond the Bar

Whether you’re training for the Olympic Games or your city’s intramural championship, proper fuel is a crucial component to performing at your peak state.

A high-protein diet is ideal for professional and recreational athletes alike, but what’s all the rage? What is the importance of protein in the body? This macronutrient aids in both muscle recovery and building, providing sustained energy to active bodies, among many other benefits. 

FitJoy protein bars were created to fit perfectly into a high-protein diet, particularly for busy athletes. 

While nutrition is of the utmost importance for training, there’s more to the picture. Here’s what three athletes have to say about FitJoy's protein bars and how beyond clean eating fuels their success. 

Darryl Payne: Team USA, Winter 2020 Olympics  

USA Skeleton team member, Darryl Payne, packs tremendous strength into a compact frame, which makes him an ideal fit for the niche variety of sledding called “skeleton.”


“I’m sliding down a serpentine ice course on a sled, inches from the ground—except I’m going down HEAD FIRST wearing nothing but a helmet and speed suit! Speeds can reach in excess of 90 mph but it is actually safer than bobsled or luge, which each travel faster.” 

Payne’s inspiration to race in seemingly crazy conditions comes from his desire to serve as a “light to his community,” sharing that “there hasn’t ever been an African-American to compete for Team USA in skeleton at the Winter Olympic Games. I want to be a role model for younger minority generations, that in many cases, believe there are no other options.”

Like Payne, your motivation to achieve athletically probably comes from a cause much closer to you, beyond gold medals and fame. As for what food fuel Payne prefers during and after grueling workouts, the FitJoy lemon bar is a clear winner. “These bars give me clean fuel to burn in those crucial moments of the workouts. In the long run, the small help can make a big difference.”

While some are destined to carry the Olympic torch, other athletes compete for the endorphin rush, the camaraderie, and the sheer joy of competing, no matter the level of intensity found in the sport.

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Jessica Carroll: Ultra Marathon Runner 

Jessica Carroll happened upon her athletic venture in her mid-20s. She fell madly in love with running after committing to do one race a month for a whole year and discovering her own strength in the process. Most notably, Carroll is one of three leaders of Austin’s East Side Beer Runners, a neighborhood running group with the goal of “starting together and finishing together.” And as the name alludes, the runners, joggers, and jog-walkers always celebrate a completed run with an ice-cold brew. 

jessica running up stairs
Jessica is currently training for a 35-mile race in Hawaii this fall and plans to end the year with her first 50-mile race. Her next goal? Complete a 100-mile race in 2020. 

Aside from FitJoy’s Cookie Dough Brownie bar to fuel her constant motion, Caroll notes the importance of trusting in her inherent abilities. “Nothing will empower you more than the belief in yourself. That is the toughest part of training. You put in a lot of time with yourself.”

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Colin Fitzpatrick: Ironman Athlete 

Colin Fitzpatrick is an Austin-based triathlete. He went from never dipping his toes into a lap pool just a few years ago, to completing countless distance races, with a full-distance Ironman on the horizon this year. 

Fitzpatrick is empowered by Henry’s Ford mindset: “Whether you think you can or cannot, you are correct.” 

colin swimming


He says, “Begin where you are, pick a race, and sign up for it. Something that’s do-able but will stretch you and scares you a bit.” Fitzpatrick is busy training for the full Ironman Triathlon in November, one of many races planned for the latter half of the year, so fueling the endless training is key. 

When asked if he’d recommend FitJoy to other athletes, Fitzapatrik enthusiastically notes, “Absolutely. In order to perform at anything you NEED to fuel your body... garbage in, garbage out. Nutrition is really the fourth discipline in a triathlon and these bars check all the boxes for me.”

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Obtaining your goals, physical or not, takes a holistic approach, feeding from the inside, out. For the nutritionally-conscious exerciser, which these days is most of us, FitJoy protein bars are a recipe for success in their own right. 

So, what role will these nutritious products play in achieving your goals?

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