Motivation from Our Account Manager (Who's Also a Cycling Instructor)

Mark does a lot in a week. He works full-time at FitJoy, for one thing. But his fondness for fitness extends beyond just this company. Certified as a Les Mills RPM & Grit trainer, he's a committed workout guru, and right after work he heads over to the gym to teach cycling classes...sometimes back-to-back! 

Oh, and he also recently decided to do a 1000-burpees-a-month challenge...willingly!

Do Mark's workout endorphins give him all of his positive energy, or does his positivity energize him to work out? A classic chicken-or-the-egg for you. After taking one of his classes for ourselves, we asked him some Q's about bringing the energy. Read on if you feel like getting motivated.  

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FitJoy's Account Manager is Also a Cycling Instructor. Here's How He Finds Motivation. 

FJ: So, how do you set the energy for each cycling session?   

Mark: A personal introduction with each rider is something I always find meaningful.  I’ll guide each new rider to get their bike set up so they're in place for success. It’s also important to connect with returning and experienced riders. It’s important to connect with everyone.

FJ: What kind of music is the best for getting your class amped up? Do you notice a change in behavior when different speeds or types of music are played?

Mark: I always play music prior to starting to get people in the zone. During the rides, the RPM (revolutions per minute) is programmed so that each track has a different focus/objective and rhythm to ride to. Each of the 9 tracks corresponds to a different "terrain," making every 45-minute ride a full cycle journey to accommodate people of all fitness levels. 

FJ: When do you find is the optimal time to eat protein–before, during, or after a workout? 

Mark: I personally always eat some form of protein (12-20 grams) within 20 minutes post-workout. A lot of times that will be one of our protein bars or a bag of our protein puffs (Nacho Cheese is my favorite flavor). 


FJ: What about tricks for getting people motivated when they seem like they're shy or struggling?

Mark: I've got some famous one-liners up my sleeve to help reframe the experience for people, like reminding them that it's not what you've got, it's what you give, that it's easier if you smile (very true) and that you have to train fast to be fast. 

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FJ: Do people who come to workouts with a friend tend to perform better?

Mark: I like to think we create community and camaraderie anyway through positive energy. People get to know each other, and they'll start to check in on one another and give each other encouragement. 

FJ: Do you find it’s more motivating to approach a workout seriously (like a challenge) or treat it more like fun?

Mark: Fitness + fun-ness!

FJ: Be honest—as an instructor, do you ever find yourself judging your students?

Mark: No way! We all started at different places and are on different journeys. We’re just fortunate that our paths crossed for 45 minutes to ride and train.

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