FITJOY MOMENTS: Your Favorite Memories with Grandma

Here at FitJoy, we've got a lot of love for our Grandmothers. They've helped mold us into the people we are today. Whether it was giving us amazing life advice or cooking unbelievable meals for us, they've filled our lives with joy. 

In an effort to spread that joy, we asked you to share your favorite memories, both past and present, with your Grandmothers. Below are your stories! 

Memory Lane 

"My favorite memory of my grandmother was during one Thanksgiving dinner.  Every year our family would gather at my grandma and grandpa’s home in Traverse City, MI for Thanksgiving dinner. This particular year dinner went on as usual.  Everyone ate their fill of turkey and the fixings. After dinner, Grandma sent me out to the garage to get the pies. To my surprise the pies were setting on the floor in the garage. I remembered that grandma and I had put the pies on top of a little table. I called to Grandma and asked her why the pies were on the floor. The pies were in perfect condition so I didn’t think they fell off of the table. Grandma came out in the garage and questioned where was the whipped cream she had put on top of the pies. Then it dawned on us. My dog was put out in the garage while we ate dinner. Somehow my dog had pulled the pies off of the table and licked the whipped cream off of each pie. The pies looked untouched except for the missing whipped cream. We both laughed and laughed. Then we contemplated if we should just putt new topping on the pies and serve them or go without desert. Grandma and I will never tell what we decided to do. Best Thanksgiving ever! In memory of Grandma G." - Peri R


"One night I was sleeping over my Grandma's house. After she read me a story and we talked, we ended up in a tickle fight! I was rolling all over the bed laughing and the next thing we knew, the mattress flipped off the bed and we landed under it on the floor. We never got tired of telling that story and that was 30 years ago. Even though she recently passed away, that memory still brings a smile to my face. I will carry it with me forever!" - Jeni T


"My grandma always told me that power is in knowledge. Her entire family (besides her) are immigrants from Poland. She grew up in a very tight household with lots of financial struggles. None of her 7 siblings (including her) were able to attend college because of this. She always expresses to me that even for some like her who couldn't go to college was able to live a happy life because as long as you never stop learning, you will never stop growing." - Chloe D


"I would have to say that out of all of the countless stories full of incredible insight, the first piece of advice that immediately comes to mind is, in the wise words of Grandma Debbie: "sh*t happens". Now, you may have heard this a time or two, but it has never been more touching than to hear it from the most loving, kind-hearted grandma out there who has always kept it real with me, while also being my biggest supporter at all times. I hope her advice will also help you realize that some things are simply out of our control and that "life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you respond to it." - Kelsey M


"My Grandma gave me SO much advice- but one of the cutest things she always did/said was order her dessert first, then have her meal come out a couple minutes later... I asked her why and she said "Always eat dessert first, that way you'll never be too full for the sweet stuff". As I got older I applied this to life too - Fill your life with the sweet stuff first, that way you'll never be "too full" to let the real happy in." - Haylee D


"My grandma used to call me at night to tell me about the moon. I'd answer the phone and she'd announce, "It's a waning crescent moon tonight. Go outside and look. There's a clear view out your front door." I would put down whatever homework I was doing, take her with me on the cordless landline, and we'd look at the moon together. She taught me to keep my life in perspective by always reminding me to stay present and look at the bigger picture." - Sonja E


"My favorite memory of my grandma was on Thanksgiving. She lived in Tampa and I lived in Georgia. So every year she would travel to come see us. She would get in the kitchen and start making her homemade gravy, pumpkin pie. No one was allowed to help her either. It was her "secret" recipe. The whole house would fill up with the most mouth watering scents. She passed away several years ago. But she ended up passing on her legacy, which was her love for cooking, to us grandkids." - Leslie S


"My Grandma lives in a very secluded neighborhood and her backyard is just woods and nature. She absolutely loves birds, and studies different bird species and their characteristics. When I was younger and would go to her house, we would just sit at her kitchen table and look outside her window at all the birds flying around. She kept a couple bird feeders in her backyard too so all of them would come by. It's a good memory to have with someone because it's the small things in life that can really be meaningful to you and this is a great example of that. Now I'm going to eat a fitjoy bar outside and enjoy the nature and the birds. :)" - Conor K


"Gosh. I love(d) my grandmother. She was essentially my best friend. She passed away from cancer a few years ago, but my favorite memory was right around the time she was diagnosed. She was obsessed with Josh Groban. He was her boyfriend, in her mind. So I piled my cash together, sold some of my artwork, etc and bought us front row tickets to his concert in Boston. I flew up to take her to the show.  I arrived at her house wearing my custom shirt that said, "My grandmother loves Josh Groban slightly more than she loves me! (But I'm okay with that)". We headed out to the show, arm in arm to our VIP area. People took pictures with us and she felt like a celebrity. We sat front row and I watched her the whole time as she stared in awe at Josh's performance. It was one of the most magical experiences of our lives and I'm so glad we had that night." - Matt G


"When I was a very young girl I would visit my grandma 4 hours away from home for one week during the summer. Although I was very homesick she made it amazing. We would bake all day long for the "church ladies" events. Of course we would have to stop at 11am to watch the Price Is Right with Bob Barker and WIN all of the prizes, or so I thought. The best part was at night when we would sit down with a gallon of ice cream and a big serving spoon. The whole time we would be laughing as she was trying to teach me polish. But never will I forget eating ice cream with a big serving spoon :) Side note, I'm glad I appreciate my body and health more now to not eat ice cream with a serving spoon ;)" - Renee S


"My favorite grandma memory is when I would go to my grandma's house and bake sugar cookies. She would have all different kinds of shapes for my siblings and I to use. No matter how good or messy they would look she was proud of us and it made me feel like the best baker ever!" - Abigail B


"My favorite memory with my grandma was making traditional Chinese food with her. We would spend hours in the kitchen preparing treats for the New Year Festival, and she would teach me tips and tricks while we were making dumplings and sweets. Since my parents weren't around much when I was little, she'd be the one to teach me cooking and cultural customs (although it'd all be in Chinese, since she didn't know any English). Because of her, I grew up with a very open and curious mind that wanted to keep exploring and researching; every time I come home for Chinese New Year, I remember all the delicious food I learned how to make as well as the history and traditions behind New Year's." - Miranda L


"When I was 3 years old during a snowstorm. My grandma took me out to build a snowman, allowed me to go through her closet for a snowman "outfit" and then took me sledding down the hill in her back yard where we both flew off of the toboggan and rolled down the hill laughing. It is a day both she and I will never forget." - Ashley C


"My grandma looooved to cook for us, especially breakfast! Her favorite thing to make us was blueberry pancakes and eggs. One morning while she was cooking we brought her a small basketball hoop to wear as a hat. She gladly took the hoop, flipped it upside down, and put it on her head. She then began to pose, and ask us if she looked pretty. We laughed and laughed. The rest of the time she was in the kitchen that morning every time she would hear us come back in she would turn around and make a silly face or smile really big. The reason this is my favorite memory is because it showed how incredibly loving, kind, and fun she was. My grandma Helen was and still is to this day the sweetest and most thoughtful person I've ever met. Thanks for this chance to share a tiny glimpse into this beautiful lady's life." - Carrie A


"My grandmother loved coffee ice cream. We only ever had it at her house, and I fondly remember enjoying a bowl while watching Wheel of Fortune before bed. Ah, the 80s! I'm now almost 41. I hate coffee, but love coffee ice cream, and I think of her everytime I eat it." - Kristine W


"My Grandma Memory is actually from the last time I spoke with my gram on her birthday, the day before she suddenly passed away last December. Gram was my best friend. I told her just about everything there was to know and we spoke a few times a week. She kept me at peace, reminded me to enjoy life and to take it easy when I needed to hear it most.

Right before the holidays on her birthday, she lectured me (as only a grandmother could) about making time for what matters most. When I laughed it off, she sternly told me that life was too short to be lived in a frenzy and that the people I love are far more important than the work and community activities to which I subscribe. The to-do list will always be there, but the to-be list might not -- how true those words became when I learned she had passed away shortly after our chat.  

Today, I live the less-frenzied life, I say "no" to the things that are not truly fulfilling, and I imagine she would be proud of me for striving to be balanced and whole in my output in this world. Grateful for her wisdom each and every day!" - Mary Kate


Thank you to all who submitted their favorite Grandma moments.

We loved reading them!

- The FitJoy Team

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