FitJoy Joins Bloomingdale's + The Tutu Project for 'Get Fit with Pink Yoga' Initiative

FitJoy has teamed up with Bloomingdale's locations across the country for “Get Fit With Pink Yoga,” taking place Saturday, October 7th. The event will benefit multiple breast cancer initiatives and Foundations– including The Carey Foundation

The Carey Foundation’s mission is to provide financial support for women and men diagnosed with breast cancer, survivors, and their family members. The Carey Foundation was started by Linda and Bob Carey, creators of The Tutu Project. Funds raised are provided directly to organizations that offer assistance with cancer-related costs like transportation to treatment, home care, childcare and medical supplies.

We sat down with Linda Carey to talk about the Tutu Project and how it has touched the lives of so many affected by breast cancer. 

Why did you start the Tutu Project? 

In 2003, Bob and I had just moved to Brooklyn from Phoenix, we were self-employed and had barely had time to begin to build our business when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. We were overwhelmed with financial concerns, learning the language of cancer, and searching for a surgeon and oncologist in a city where we knew only a handful of people. But we were fortunate. We have a large, loving family and a supportive group of friends and after the panic subsided, asked ourselves what other people do that didn’t have support similar to ours?

At that point, we didn’t have the answers, but once The Tutu Project went viral and we started fundraising, we knew that we would be able to find them. Today, we fund like-minded organizations that help distribute the funds to the breast cancer community. Bloomingdale's is our major sponsor and have helped us realize our dream. We can never thank them enough.

What has been your most rewarding moment throughout your development of the Tutu Project?

There are so many moments that have been rewarding! We are very fortunate to have met extraordinary people over the last five years, each one contributing something unique to our story. Bob isn't here so I'll have to answer from my point of view. At one of our events, a woman came up to thank me, she had tears in her eyes and gave me the biggest hug. And then, she gave me another. Moments like those have me feeling grateful that this project has continued to grow.

Is there an impact story from the community that moved you?

Once again, there are so many. A seven-year-old boy sent an email thanking us for making such a great book. His mom had cancer, and it made him happy to see her smile as she looked at the images. Seven years old-doesn't get much better than that.

Do you have any wellness practices that have helped you through hard times?

From someone who has been on chemotherapy for 11 years, I should have a long list of answers. But I don't. If someone is on chemo, exercise, or movement of some sort is very important. When I feel unwell, I still try to take my dog for a short walk. But what helps me the most mediation, Reiki, and some yoga.They quiet my mind, which allows my body to heal.

Interested in attending the 'Get Fit with Pink Yoga' Event? Register here

Your $10 reservation fee will benefit The Carey Foundation and the Marisa Acocella Marchetto Foundation. Plus, you’ll take home a Bloomingdale’s yoga mat and gift bag just for attending.

*Registration is available on a first-come, first serve basis. Attendees must purchase tickets in advance. 

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