Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Smoothie Recipe

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One of my favorite easy breakfast ideas is a smoothie!  This smoothie is unlike any smoothie, though. It’s packed with lots of protein and healthy fats and topped with a yummy FitJoy bar.

I’m a huge bar fan. I love to try bars and compare flavors and textures. No two bars are alike, but two of my favorite flavors are peanut butter and lemon.

What I like about FitJoy's bars is that the flavor on the label matches what the bar tastes like. There is definitely no taste bait-and-switch here!  Lemon tastes like lemon, peanut butter tastes like peanut butter, and chocolate tastes like chocolate!

chocolate peanut butter smoothie

This smoothie is the perfect post-workout meal!  When we leave the gym on weight training days, our trainer is always telling us to get in lots of protein and good calories!  This smoothie is perfect for those days or days when you need a quick meal on the go!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Smoothie



Combine first six ingredients and blend until smooth. Top with chopped FitJoy bar. 

FitJoy Protein Bar Flavors

Fitjoy bars come in four flavors including:

You could use any of the bars to top a smoothie.  But you could also throw the bar in your bag for a snack on the go!  FitJoy protein bars also come in fun size, which makes for a quick snack when you’re a bit hungry!  I save mine for morning dog walks after I get home from the gym!

dog walk with mini protein bars

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