Beyond the Label: Maltitol

Let’s talk about a "sticky" subject: maltitol. It’s an artificially processed sugar replacement often found in hard candies, gum, diet ice creams, protein bars, and tons of other products. “If you see a bar on the market that has a sugar claim of like zero or one gram of sugar,” says FitJoy food scientist and nutrition expert Scott Sturgill, “I’m sure that it contains maltitol.”

So...what’s the problem with that? In this episode of “Beyond the Label,” Scott covers some of the negative results of maltitol and talks about why FitJoy bars DON'T contain the ingredient.

Not only can it cause "upset stomach, diarrhea, gas, bloating,” Scott says, but it can produce some sneakier side effects as well.

“So what most people don’t know about maltitol is even though it’s low in sugar, it has a relatively high glycemic index...It comes close to table sugar, actually," says Scott. Meaning that "if you’re trying to avoid all those negative side effects of sugar, you might actually be getting something similar when you consume maltitol.”

Watch the full video (above) to learn more. To read our full report on maltitol, head to our blog! 

In our series “Beyond the Label,” FitJoy’s food scientist and nutrition expert, Scott, reveals the hidden health risks or benefits behind different ingredients commonly used in snacks and protein bars.

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