9 Lessons I Learned In My 20s

I just turned 29 a few weeks ago, October 3rd to be exact. It’s possible by the time you read this, I've already eaten all the slices of cake and consumed all the beverages that are appropriate to be considered part of my birthday celebration.  While most people hate the thought of getting older, I tend to look at ageing as a privilege.

While I still have another year left in this decade, and I’m positive there will be several other lessons that I’ll be forced to learn, there is no doubt that through the years I have experienced in my twenties impacted me more than I ever could have imagined.

Some moments were informative but perversely cruel and unforgiving, while others seemed painful in the moment, but became laughable as soon as they were a distant memory.

No matter the circumstance, my twenties did at least prove to be extremely informative by providing countless lessons. 

Time is Your Best Friend

Learn to manage your time properly.

Perfect this skill early and well because you are the only person who can protect your time and the only one who will feel the ramifications if it’s not utilized wisely.

You can get money back, friendships, and other relationships, but your time is the one thing that will never come back. 


It’s a real thing. Don’t let it happen to you.

Eat before making major decisions and dealing with people. All parties will thank you.

Reaching Goals Takes Sacrifice

There finally comes a time when you realize that college is no longer your reality and something called a normal job and your career take over your life.

Whatever your exact goal is will require small and large sacrifices. They won’t always come at once, but they will occur. Trust me, the missed night at the bar will be worth it.

Sleep is Your Friend

I used to be able to function like a normal human being after a poor night’s sleep, or even after pulling an all-nighter.  Well now that I’m closer to my third decade of life than my 21st birthday, sleep is actually one of my best friends.  

Communication is Key

Communicate your needs and let everyone know what you need in order to properly serve them.

What are you looking for in a relationship? What do you want out of your current role at your company? What’s your goal? Tell people what’s important to you, but most of all, tell yourself these things too.

Binge Watching Shows is Acceptable

I didn’t really know there was any other way to watch a show. 

Timing is Everything

I hate this one so much because I’m rather impatient. I want my ice cream now. I want the perfect job now. I want the perfect boyfriend now.

But whatever greater power is out there definitely has some type of plan and timing. Things will always work out in your favor. One day it will all make sense, but that’s because it was finally time for you to recognize it.

Love Hard and In Your Own Way

We all love in different ways.

Learning the '5 Love Languages' helped me understand how I give and get love. Your friends or significant other may give and receive love differently than you do, but that doesn’t mean they don’t care.

Whatever the love is, do it boldly and unconditionally. 

Everyone is Trying to Figure It Out

No one has the right answers to navigating this decade of your life. Your path will find you when you’re ready to find it.

About Me

I’m Samantha, a California native who graduated from the College of the Holy Cross in 2010. I currently call Boston home and I’m an Experiential Marketing Manager, amateur boxer, and freelance writer. I’m a self-proclaimed foodie unless I’m training for a fight. I welcome any opportunity to explore a new place in the world or new adventure. You can check out more of my work on Elite Daily, Pattiknows.com, and Thought Catalogue.

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Samantha Surface

Samantha Surface is a marketing professional, writer, and amateur boxer in Boston.

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