3 Truths That Will Nourish Personal Growth

We’re supposed to learn from our past. We're supposed to take our experiences, both good and bad, and utilize the lessons learned for personal growth. One could argue those past occurrences manifested in order to prepare us for the next cycle of our lives.

If you've been struggling to connect the dots between your past and your future, here are three truths to help with your personal growth.

1. Growth starts by exploring new activities...

The whole concept of growth is to embrace "newness". Whether that's a feeling, activity or way of life. Often, we get caught up in routines we forget to explore new modes of doing things. The simplest growth exercise in this scenario is to start small– look into the classes that are offered in your city. Whether it’s a new fitness class, writing class, or dance class, just the thrill of learning a skill and meeting new people will expand your horizons and encourage you to keep welcoming new experiences. 

2. ...and being in the moment.

Sometimes I have trouble being present. And if I experience something negative, I often forget that it is pushing me to enlightenment. It's setting me up for something new and so much better for me. But I would have never come to that realization unless I accepted the moment for what it was and trusted that each experience, good or bad, would bring opportunity.  

3. You have to jump

Whether that pertains to a career move that you were hesitant to make or trying that new pilates class that intimidated you so much, you have to embrace the fear and jump. Only then will you discover and actually understand the things that make you feel alive.   

You may never know what you don’t know, and that includes the happiness you didn’t know existed. Take the leap and embrace new experiences!

Samantha Surface

Samantha Surface is a marketing professional, writer, and amateur boxer in Boston.

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