3 Fun Ways to Combine Fitness and Time with Friends

Staying on track when it comes to weight loss can get difficult when you're hanging around your friends. You’ll find that some of them may not be on the same page.  

So the big question is, how do you make your crew fall in love with your healthy lifestyle

1. Make 'healthy' bets

Throwing around your money isn’t the smartest thing to do BUT when it comes to making a healthy bet, I totally promote it.

Grab the crew and throw out a challenge; the first person who loses this many inches or lbs in the next 6 weeks wins $$$. Get everyone to throw in their portion and work together on reaching these goals. When you are all on the same program, you are more likely to succeed than not.  

2. Join a cause

One of the best ways to lose weight with your friends is to train for a specific cause.

There are many marathons, 5ks or obstacle challenges that you can entire as a team where your proceeds are given to your choice of foundation. Once you have your foundation and team set up; you begin your race prep; workout schedule, meal planning, etc.

When you commit to racing for a cause; you find yourself accountable to finish the job! Staying healthy and helping out the community. A win/win for everyone!  

3. Start a meal prep club

I learned about this a couple of years ago and I loved it ever since!

Prepping your meals and getting creative with it for the week can be hard so I recommend grabbing a group of your friends and sharing your meals. Make three meals and bring them to the host’s house; the goal is to trade each meal with a different friend.

There you get to discuss recipes, taste different meals and share the common activity of meal prepping. Most of the time people believe they are alone in the game of weight loss, knowing they are not alone can be a game changer. 

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Arnit Kobryniec

Arnit is a certified personal trainer in the South Florida area. She's also a speaker and blogger, nutrition coach, and wellness consultant.

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